Vulkan is Moving Fast

Valve is leading the charge in accelerating the adoption of Vulkan. It is a new improvement on graphics code announced by Khronos. Many early efforts are underway with software code already written to take advantage of Vulkan. GCC project has plans for Vulkan and the main thrust of Vulkan will be a universal graphics solution that works everywhere. I have my own little pet project that explores this concept and Vulkan may change how I approach it. I speculate that Vulkan will be out the middle of 2016 if not before.

I’ve read the high level information about Vulkan on the Khronos website and I like it. It seems like a better way. It will go far to clean up a lot of gaps in graphical user interface parity (at a basic level) across platforms. Many solutions currently based on OpenGL that want to adopt a better structure will have to be rewritten or redesigned. That will be a good thing because Vulkan could cut a lot of code bloat and speed up graphics based on the high level design specs for the technology.

Ultimately, Vulkan will lead to a future in which visual screens could be better positioned to work on multiple devices from a single code base. Wall plastered touch screens, wearable touch screens, and mobile screens using higher speed, low energy processors would benefit from the optimized design that is to be Vulkan. It is early to speak with certainty about the prospects for Vulkan, but it is on the horizon.

Ubuntu appears geared for Intel’s Skylake architecture which will feature strong graphics improvements. Skylake is a desktop, ultrabook, and low profile server architecture. Those functional contexts remain important and Vulkan could increase the yield of interaction functionality expressed off the integrated graphics unit. Info tech is definitely improving.


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