5 Main Groups of People Write Code

Two groups of people considered the primary practitioners of code writing include:

  • IT Developers. A sub-group of in-house IT. The span of classification ranges from creating solutions to support persons in an operational department to more advanced cases of enterprise scale.
  • Commercial Developers. Creates public facing software for themselves or a tech company to distribute. In an open source context or under a freemium model, this refers more to the quality traits of the software and the diverse environments it must support.

One group of people often create software of either a disposable nature or for severely pragmatic reasons. They include:

Business professionals. The code is usually small, practical, and highly focused. They write small snippets of code for Microsoft Excel spreadsheets or Access databases. They may customize other business tools in order to better understand data.

Two other groups who write code include:

  • Scientists. Writing moderate to extensive code to understand the results of experimentation. Their code may be built with some of the tools and standards used by commercial developers.
  • Engineers. Their purposes and methods may include those of scientists in terms of code. A clear difference is the end goal of the effort.

I thought about this when looking at The Life of an ATLAS Physicist At CERN.


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