Amazon Lambda and Amazon Aurora May Change IT

Everybody is going to write JavaScript in the cloud. The IT department will not need dedicated space in the building to house servers because all the software development can be done from $200 Chromebooks. That is the potential impact of Amazon’s announcement of AWS Lambda.

The other announcement called Amazon Aurora means you can dump those SQL Server, Oracle, and DB2 databases. Use those $200 Chromebooks to access structured data in the cloud. Scrappy start-ups have a much faster path to get big in their operations. No more huge capital sunk into IT equipment because Amazon is the data center in the sky.

No more local IT and masses of equipment on site. Maybe just a few small routers in the data center. Contract IT is called on demand rather than you maintaining salaried staff. The operating bill goes from really big to almost none existent. That is the glimpse of the future IT life these announcements represent.

Microsoft and Google hope to join Amazon on this journey to be the world’s data center. Amazon got there first and has the most successful model to date. Since Amazon had no stock in traditional IT, they were free to totally redefine the landscape. Indeed, they are using that freedom to remake IT in a new model as pure a way as they can. The truth is, Amazon and those that follow in their footsteps are taking on the IT model themselves. Theirs is IT on steroids but to you, it looks like things getting smaller and nimbler.

This is not always an optimal solution. Local IT gives you speed, control, and opportunities you do not gain with the cloud construct. Traditional IT is solid but the quirks can be unsettling. Regardless, well defined IT applied well in alignment with the true possibilities for an organization that utilizes technology is a huge opportunity.

In lieu of that realization, a more advanced form of these cloud services 10 or 20 years from now may put the term IT into disuse. What was IT may evolve into a cadre of highly adept Power Users who craft solutions under the auspices of the business analyst department. You’ll have programmer/analysts, marketing officers, and others running about knitting new solutions. In other news, the skills of sustaining network infrastructure, conducting tech support, and defining software architectures is a distant memory. When your $200 Chromebook fails, you just buy another because all your systems is in the cloud.


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