Higher User Experience

Aesthetics and ergonomics as to the overall sense of technology is a crucial element in gaining more from the technology. The companies that lead in this area change over time and it is clear that success in this aspect of the technology’s representation and use can improve the adoption of a particular distribution of a technology. Concerning computer technologies operating in software, there is a tense balance between appealing aesthetics, direct practicality, technical quality, and a sustainable technical design. The extent of some of these qualities may be low relative to the amount of investment made in others. The priority of some may defer to others and that can be acceptable if the overall solution holds up well enough for the target use. A great undertaking in the design of a solution then could be a defined process for maximizing or raising the overall user experience higher as a consequence of realizing higher quality in multiple areas simultaneously.

One way to approach that may be to observe a general solution design that is both streamlined in its foundation as well as its interfaces whether technical, visual, physical, and logical. In other words, well-defined simplification. A close approximation of this sentiment is expressed in the Unix Philosophy. Please accept that I do not fully advocate this philosophy but rather the spirit of it. The real goal is to achieve a more streamlined solution from data to screen to device to real-world outcome. This includes seemingly unrelated things such as the design, naming, and layout of file folders for example.

File folders can be arranged in such a way for example as to determine what code or how much of it has to be written to interface with data sourced and posted there. Common default infrastructure configurations in networks, data formats, graphics units, and storage device capabilities can influence the nature, structure and design of the solution. An overly complex solution can assume that certain things are none-existent; has to be redone; or are insufficient. Sometimes this is true, and a better solution starts with fundamentally establishing certain foundations directly. Regardless, when the specification of the background environment is reliable or can be defined directly, the opportunity exists to consider how the solution can be construed in a more efficient and approachable way. Success in this area can lead to a position in which the solution can be evolved to better correspond to target use.

As solutions are defined and evolved, it is inevitable that new approaches and capabilities are attempted. Over time, it is useful to consider which elements of a solution can be removed to allow other elements to work more effectively. Part of this process may involve the identification and realization of so called universal functions and/or structures that suitably and reliably address multiple areas without ambiguity or conflict with other elements. At that point, you probably have something of real value that can be shaped further into a form that speaks to higher quality. A form in which the solution allows for a higher user experience.


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