Gaining More Productivity by Making a Software-Based Utility

Imagine a scenario in which you have a lot of data to push out. Perhaps you are in HR and you need to provide the executive staff with Word documents summarizing the high level histories and skills background of the top 100 senior technicians in the organization. The information exists in a few databases and you have 2 days to get the information gathered into the right format. What means exist to make this happen in the cases where the information is available but not readily organized in such a way to produce 100 individual Word documents?

Please see my post on how to Reformat Kindle Book List with C++ | Version 1, Oct. 2014. It describes a process well known to many experienced IT practitioners that can be useful guide to achieving such objectives. The scenario applied to me recently in dealing with Amazon Kindle book listings. The result of my efforts demonstrates the practice of building ad hoc tools. Tools born out of necessity that can streamline the translation of data from one form to another in a timely and comprehensive fashion.


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