Use The Cloud But Keep A Local Copy

It may not seem like it now, but Google does fail. Many depend on Google for data storage and services and they are usually accessible without difficulty. One day, Google may discover a way to operate without error but Google did fail in the past. They still do very, very well.

Latency and Presence

Today, no company can afford to have computers in every backyard. If they did, they really wouldn’t really be centralized. Part of the appeal of the cloud is the centralized nature of it. That is also it’s Achilles heel.

The central servers are likely many, many miles from where you are. Any hiccups along the way means problems accessing data and information. Access to the information will either be too slow or blocked altogether.

Local Storage

Hard drives are the most reliable way to store information available to most people. Tape drives may have even greater reliability but may vary more widely in cost and standardization. Either way, direct storage is the most sound way to keep information close by and accessible. Cloud storage can be more convenient when communication technology is running at its prime but at other times it can become unproductive and unsuitable for sensitive information. There is a place for cloud storage but local storage, properly used, is the safer bet.


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