Program Building – The Best Language

C is a letter that is also the name of a programming language. This programming language is the best because it gives you the most control over a computer before you have to write Assembly. As long as there are multiple computer processors, Assembly language will not be the best programming language because it is not standardized. Intel’s Assembly language is not the same as for other processors. Assembly language is the most powerful language before you write pure binary. Either of these would qualify one highly proficient in them as an elite writer of code of the highest caliber but C has the full fusion of productivity and capability. Computer code has an order from most granular to least which is Binary -> Assembly -> C -> C++ -> Everything else. Binary is the only true code and everything else is ultimately converted into it. Anything you can do in other programming languages that follow after C you can also do in C but the reverse is not often true. C is the best programming language.


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