String Theory and Sonic Computers

String theory is interpreted by some as a reality where energetic strings are vibrating all around us. Those vibrations create the very particles that then make up the particles that make up atoms. It follows that if you can influence the vibrations, you can influence the existence of matter and energy yourself. A computer that can deal directly with these vibratory string could be a mechanism to transform reality. If the theory has solid basis in reality.

Such a new type of computer would be capable of forming matter and energy by altering the properties of sub-atomic strings. I call this computer the Sonic Computer. In a general sense, it uses sound to change the very air around us into new materials of our design. The Sonic Computer would tap into string vibrations to achieve several functions:

  • CONTEXTUAL COMPUTATION – Advances in waveform analysis could be applied within the Sonic Computer to collect copies of and correlate sonic resonances within nature to produce accurate dispositions about the state of the world.
  • RESONANCE TRANSLATION – Available strings in nature perhaps existing in air or vacuum could have their vibratory properties altered to transform atoms and other particles to convert energy into matter or matter into energy. Any chemical, metal, plastic, biological, plasma, or other material or energy form described mathematically could be produced.
  • PROPULSION – The ability to travel by vehicle would be amplified by a new engine that materialized charged particles of a polarity opposite that available in an afterburner substrate to create wide variations in forward momentum. The speed of the vehicles could be as they are today or velocities greatly exceeding those of the fastest jets and airborne craft.
  • VISUALIZATION – Properties of light could be altered to maintain audio-kinetic-visual representations of a durable nature and duration. One of the ways it achieves this is by re-organizing air molecules into a structured rather than dynamic pattern. Upon this structured scaffold maintained for the duration of a presentation, additional elements of air or a vacuum could be arrayed like layered pixels to produce a sustained 2, 3 or 4 dimensional environment.

The result would be to alter circumstances of resource scarcity while providing opportunities for the creation of products, new material, or enhance the magnitude of existing energy supplies. As well, travel and transportation may benefit as well. It is an intriguing idea that only extensive scientific proof, research, and experimentation could determine as to feasibility. If it is possible and does come to be, it would represent a tremendous tool to advance the affairs of society and its understanding of nature.


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